09 March 2018

Femininity Friday: Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Barbie Cake by Heidi Sanders via CakeCentral.com

Dear Ladies,

One of the joyful memories of my young life was collecting and playing with Barbie and her friends.  I have been "waxing nostalgic" lately, and I thought, "Why not celebrate Barbie Day this year?"  So, I am!  I wore my Barbie Pink lipstick and a Barbie Pink hair ornament around my pony tail this morning when I went to the laundromat.  There's nothing like a little glamour to brighten an otherwise mundane morning!

I believe that Barbie exemplifies "Angela Human" in many ways.  She is radiantly healthy (if a bit on the thin side) and shares her joie de vivre with Christie, Francie, Midge, Skipper, Todd and Tutti, Stacy, Chelsea, and especially with her suitor, Kenneth Carson.  You know she always behaves in a virtuous way, and have you ever seen the dream house in a dusty mess?  Although she could improve on modesty, Barbie generally dresses and behaves in a feminine way.  She explores a variety of careers, but I perceive that once she and Ken marry, she would become the most glamorous stay-at-home wife and mom in town!

Some have criticized Barbie for being too thin at 5'9" and 110 pounds, and for the average doll that would be accurate.  However, Barbie originally was a teen fashion model; I, too, was a teen fashion model (albeit much less famous), and my weight at 5'7" was required not to exceed 108 pounds as the camera adds fifteen pounds to one's body.  Barbie's waist measurement has been criticized, too, but it is well to remember that Barbie's figure closely matches that of Jayne Mansfield, who was considered at the time to have a gorgeous, voluptuous figure and who was an early enthusiast of healthy eating and exercise.

Happy Birthday, Barbie!  May we both enjoy many happy returns of the day!

Agape always,


02 March 2018

Femininity Friday: March's Fascinating Times

Courtesy of Microsoft

Here follow my plans to have a marvelous March~

To Do:

Transition to Spring/Early Summer wardrobe
Check sales for winter items 
Continue with Quadragesima New Testament reading and house cleaning
Continue culling my possessions


The New Testament
Into the Water by Paula Hawkins
Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann

Special Days:

3: National Anthem Day - Sing, read, or listen to a performance of the National Anthem
9: Barbie’s Birthday (March 9, 1959) - Wear “Barbie Pink
12: Girl Scout Day - Sing a chorus of “Waddaley Atcha” or some other song learned in Scouts and make S’mores for dessert
14: Pi Day - Play some math games and enjoy a slice of pie
15: The Ides of March - Julius should have listened to Calpurnia!  Watch a performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar either a formal production or an animated version
17: Saint Patrick’s Day - Enjoy corned beef and cabbage for dinner and make green milkshakes for dessert
19: Husband’s Day (Saint Joseph’s Day) - Chat with the youngsters about traits of a good husband
20: First Day of Spring - Enjoy lunch picnic style
25: Lady Day (The Feast of the Annunciation) - This is the day that Mary’s “Yes” to God is commemorated.  This year, March 25 is also Palm Sunday, so the Church will commemorate the Annunciation on April 9. 
29-31: Paschal Triduum

01 March 2018

Unwanted Facial Hair = Not Fascinating

Courtesy of Microsoft
Dear Ladies,

I hope that everyone is feeling well, doing good, and sharing joie de vivre with those in her sphere of influence.  

One challenge in life that does not contribute to joie de vivre is unwanted facial hair.  Although much of the problem is caused by genetics or by hormonal changes outside of one's personal control, most women who have facial hair issues feel embarrassed and want to remove the hair.

Deo Gratias, I don't have much of a problem with facial hair, at least so far, but I came upon an article that compares different ways to remove unwanted facial hair and thought I would share it.  The article is on a "for profit" website, so you may see ads and products are for sale on the website; however, I don't have any financial relationship with the company.

As always, I hope that my little "woman-to-woman" ideas have helped.

Agape always,

Link:  https://www.dermstore.com/blog/how-to-get-rid-facial-hair/

27 February 2018

A Possible Resource for Admirers of Harrison Fisher

The Serenade - Harrison Fisher - Public Domain via Wiki Commons

Dear Ladies,

I am definitely among the late Mr. Fisher's legion of admirers; in addition to enjoying its visual beauty, his work has taught me lessons about the Feminine Persona that I might not have learned otherwise. 

That tidbit explains my joy in finding the American Beauties adult-level coloring book in an advertising email that I receive from Dover Publications.  I am undecided on making a purchase, but I thought that some of you might be interested.  The links are not affiliate links, and I don't have any financial relationship with Dover Publications, except for purchasing from them from time to time.

Agape always,

Link to the coloring book:

23 February 2018

Femininity Friday: Financially Immoral Behavior by Mr. New Husband

Aucassin and Nicolette - Marianne Stokes
I chose this particular artwork, one of my favorites, deliberately, for I truly believe that the majority of husbands are their wives' Knights in Shining Armor.  The majority of men do their best to provide for their wives and children--and, sometimes, other relatives--to the point that they take on and keep work that does not meet their talents or that displeases them in other ways.  

Having written about most men, I will now give a set of circumstances that I have been asked to discuss by a reader of the blog.  It concerns a husband allegedly asking for his wife's participation in financially immoral behavior.  In this particular case, it concerns writing bad checks.

The situation as related to me is as follows:  Letty (not her real name) was in a marriage in which she perceived that her husband was asking her to participate in what she felt were immoral acts:  namely, he wanted her to put their four children into child care arrangements, to take a job, and to cease homeschooling the two older children.  Because of these requests, she felt justified in seeking a divorce.  

While her long, drawn-out divorce proceeded, she met Alan (also an invented name) who seemed like a dream come true.  Alan not only didn't mind her children, he welcomed them!  They began to court, even though she was still legally married, and after a few months, within weeks of her divorce becoming final, they married.  This was LOVE!  Plus, Alan was well-off financially, so she wouldn't have to work or to remain on government assistance.  He had "independent unearned income" that would support them and leave them plenty of family time.

As it turns out, Alan allegedly had been less-than-accurate about his financial situation.  He was not well-off financially, although he didn't and doesn't require that Letty work outside the home.  I don't want to give more specifics to protect Letty's privacy, but suffice it to say that he wants her to participate in behavior that, at the very least, is immoral and that might be illegal, too.  She doesn't want to participate, but she said she would submit to him and obey him as part of their wedding ceremony and she doesn't want to get another divorce because she feels embarrassed at having chosen poorly for a second time.  She asked me, "What would you do in such a situation?"

I can understand feeling embarrassed at potentially marrying and divorcing again within a short period of time.  However, if a man misrepresented himself to a great degree, a divorce might not be necessary; an annulment might be a solution, and an attorney would know.  Thus, the first and second actions I would take after ascertaining that "Alan" was serious would be to speak with an attorney and with my clergy--in that order.  I would ask an attorney if the behavior suggested was illegal and I would talk with him or her about grounds for an annulment.  I would tell my clergy everything and ask what provisions the Church might have to assist me.  I would ask my clergy to help me with some counseling to help me to learn why I kept choosing men who asked me to take unhelpful actions.  I would not seek a new husband until at least a year had passed to allow myself and the poor little ones to heal.

There is nothing like time to see what kind of person someone is.  I understand how lonely being single can be.  I understand how embarrassing it can be when people gossip behind one's back along the lines of "well, if she's so wonderful, why hasn't she remarried?".  I have never been divorced, and I pray to God that I never am.  But if I ever were divorced, I would especially take my time getting acquainted with someone first, waiting at least a year after my divorce was final and I had received a declaration of nullity from the Church and then taking at least a year to court/date and a six month engagement.  Nothing is a guarantee, but those are actions I would take to lessen the chances of marital unhappiness.

As always, I hope that my little "woman-to-woman" ideas have helped.

Agape always,